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2023 fall season opening Sept 30- Oct 29. Saturdays and Sundays ONLY. WEEKENDS ONLY. NOT OPENED ON WEEKDAYS.

Please check facebook  for weather updates and closures. We have to close during moderate to heavy rain for safety reasons.



10am - 5pm for day admission. LAST TICKETS ARE SOLD FOR ADMISSION AT 4:30pm

**We are CLOSED 5pm-7:00pm on Saturdays. No admission during these hours.**

7:00pm - 9:30pm for night admission


10am - 5pm for day admission. LAST TICKETS ARE SOLD FOR ADMISSION AT 4:30pm

 No night maze on Sundays.



$15 per person. Ages 2 and under are FREE. 


- Although we love animals, ONLY SERVICE ANIMALS are allowed on site.

- Ages 14 and under are required to have 1 adult chaperone over age 18. Adult supervision is required for all kiddos on property.  

-Any guest with destructive behavior to any property on farm will be escorted from property without refund. Please respect crops grown, artwork, and equipment on site.

- Closed-toed shoes HIGHLY recommended. 

- We try to make the farm safe for everyone, however, the farm is 100% outdoors, please be aware of your surroundings at all times. Critters live outside. Please watch for fire ants, bugs, insects, mosquitos, bees, and flies, as they all live outdoors. 

- Outside food is allowed to be brought on site. We have shaded picnic tables to enjoy. 

-ALCOHOL IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED and is grounds for dismissal without refund. 

- Please stay on path in corn maze. Going off path causes irreparable damage and cannot be fixed. We would like for all guests to enjoy corn maze for whole season. 

-The corn maze can be a hot place. Please remember to wear sunscreen and hat, and HYDRATE!

- We allow guests in our very large pumpkin patches. You are able to choose any 1 pumpkin on property with your day admission (while supply lasts). Please make your final decision prior to cutting off vine. Once you cut pumpkin from vine, it can no longer grow. 

- 1 pumpkin (while supply lasts) per paid day admission. You may choose any size and variety. BUT quantity is limited to ONE PUMPKIN PER DAY ADMISSION (while supply lasts). If you would like to purchase additional pumpkins, please see attendant up at the front gate. 

-We are closed on Saturday evenings between hours of 5pm-7:00pm so our family can have time to set up for night maze and feed our family. Please be understanding that we cannot accept admissions during hours 5pm-7:00pm. 

-Last ticket for day hours is 4:30pm. Last hayride is 4:30pm.

- Last ticket sold for night maze is 9pm. 

- Price of admission includes all activities on farm.  


Field trips: Due to staff limitations, we are unable to provide field trips for 2023. 

Birthdays: We do not offer birthday packages. However, you can reserve a covered picnic area for 3 hours on the day of your event. Please call 919-761-4090 to reserve your tables. 

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